Introducción al desarrollo web


Nuestro curso intensivo de desarrollo web es perfecto para principiantes y no es necesario tener conocimientos previos. Lo importante para nosotros es tu motivación para iniciar esta nueva aventura. Este curso te proporcionará los conceptos básicos para iniciarte en el fascinante mundo de la Ingeniería de Software para aplicaciones web. Conoceremos la sintaxis básica de […]

The 9 best online collaboration tools for remote workers


With a commitment to fast placement, comprehensive vetting, and ongoing support, Breakthrough Ally bridges businesses and the talent they need to excel in remote work environments. They rely heavily on technology and must over-communicate to work effectively. Plus, they’re often geographically dispersed, which increases the importance of having up-to-date documentation about ongoing projects that keeps […]

Differences Between Cash and Accrual Accounting


Under accrual accounting, the cash balance shown on the balance sheet might not accurately represent the company’s actual liquidity, which explains the importance of the cash flow statement. In comparison, “cash-basis” accounting recognizes revenue only if cash payment is actually received for the product/service delivered. Accrual accounting records revenues once earned – which means the […]