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We would keep trailing until activated, or until we see the weekly trend change direction. In technical analysis, it is generally accepted that different categories of indicators work best in certain market conditions and don’t work well in other market conditions. Many market surprises can be avoided if you know where to look for warnings.

alexander elder is always at the cutting edge of modern markets, helping clients become better, more confident traders. Dr. Elder is a top-rated speaker at conferences worldwide and at corporate retreats. In addition to a wealth of knowledge he brings a great personal warmth and teaching ability.

Who invented the triple screen trading system?

The triple screen trading system was developed by Dr. is ig a safe brokerage firm to do trades with, an American professional trader and trading coach who has written many trading books. One of his books, “The New Trading for a Living”, has been regarded as an outstanding book by traders. The triple screen aims to find short-term pullbacks that are about to end within an established long-term trend so as to open positions in the direction of the main trend and at the right time. The system is based on Alexander Elder’s theory that no single indicator can provide reliable signals or position plans.

alexander elder

It is widely known that no single indicator can provide reliable signals on its own. Therefore, he recommended that traders should focus on using a few technical indicators to make your decision. This is the step where you decide that trading is what you need to do. You have probably read about traders who make a killing in the financial market. Perhaps, you have just read a book on traders that you feel compelled to enter the market. It serves for entry timing using short-term breakouts in the direction of the identified trading bias.

They focus on trading psychology using the 3M’s — mind, method, and money. A hundred-thousand investors have turned to this best-selling guide for mastering successful trading by Dr. Alexander Elder, a professional trader…. Alexander Elder’s triple screen trading strategy has worked well on utility stocks. In the next step, you should try your best to learn as much as you can. You will not become a successful trader by using the trial and error method. You must be committed to spend a lot of time learning from experienced professionals ( can be a good solution).


During his career in Exports & Logistics he developed an interest in currency trading. Dr. Elder is the originator of Traders’ Camps week-long classes for traders, as well as the Spike group for traders. The new highs are the leaders of strength, the new lows the leaders of weakness on the stock exchange. Their patterns tend to change ahead of the broad market trends. Dr. Elder, who writes New High – New Low reports for, will share with you some of his techniques and rules for using this powerful indicator. NH-NL is a tool that can help you gain an edge in the battle for market success.

  • Alex studied Foreign Trade & International Economics at the Budapest Business School.
  • DTTW™ is proud to be the lead sponsor of TraderTV.LIVE™, the fastest-growing day trading channel on YouTube.
  • But like every other successful person, he was on a mission.
  • You have probably read about traders who make a killing in the financial market.

Here, you should take time to create a strategy which will help you make the best decision. This involves creating a good strategy which combines technical and fundamental analysis. This is a step that all traders go through, you therefore decide to try your forex broker review hand in the financial market. He has engraved his name in the financial markets by devising a unique trading system. The method is about choosing a particular stock, options, or futures and following strict trading rules mandating when to buy or sell.

Books by Alexander Elder

He continued doing his psychiatry part-time every day after the market closed. Later, he found a job and used the money he earned to purchase a BMW bike, which he would later sell to buy his first stock in KinderCare, a child daycare center. He started medical school at the age of 16 at Tartu University, Estonia. When he was 23, he used his work as a ship doctor on a Soviet ship in Africa to escape communism.

Alexander Elder, M.D., is a professional trader and a teacher of traders. His books, including The New Trading for a Living are international bestsellers among private and institutional traders, translated into 17 languages. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences in the US and abroad. He first introduced the triple screen trading system in a 1986 article in Futures Magazine. To try and solve this problem, he created the triple screen trading system.

If you see a sign Landmines on the side of the road, you’re not going to walk into that field. Inexperienced and undisciplined traders who ignore those signs can get lucky for a while—but eventually walk into a real explosion. In this presentation Dr. Elder will show you where to find such signs and explain how to react them as you plan your path forward. Another triple screen model that he promoted was on multi-timeframe analysis. This is a type of analysis where you analyze an asset across multiple timeframes. He advocated using a trend following indicator like the moving average, Bollinger Bands, or the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.

alexander elder

You need to backtest yourself to find the best trading strategy . Alexander Elder, MD, is a professional trader and a teacher of traders. His books, including The New Trading for a Living translated into 16 languages, are international bestsellers among private and institutional traders. Dr. Elder was trained as a psychiatrist and served on the faculty of Columbia University. Now he is a full-time trader but helps run, a club whose members compete for the best trade of the week. The third screen is where you identify the exact price for entry points.

About the Author

In America, he started working as a psychiatrist in New York City and taught at Columbia University. While working at the school, he was an editor at the book department of The Psychiatric Times. There are 285 trades and the average gain per trade is 0.4%. Despite being invested only 22% of the time, it has generated almost 5% annual returns (buy and hold has generated 7%). We think this is pretty good, however, the performance seems to be slowly declining in recent years.

So, the Triple Screen trading system dictates that you consider three trend lengths — in line with the Dow theory. After a trade entry is taken, the market is expected to move in line with the dominant trend for the trade to make profits. At the end of the article we make a backtest of a triple screen trading strategy. Alexander Elder is a professional trader who understands trading psychology. His book, The New Trading for a Living, has been pivotal to the success of many traders. Dr. Elder has stated that professional traders operate in a three-dimensional space.

In this article, We highlight 6 key steps to start trading the financial market for new traders. Elder believes that successful stock trading requires control and money management. This is what determines his next move and not his stats and positions. With his extensive experience in the financial markets, he has developed a trading system that new traders have replicated with remarkable success. You can also choose to use the daily chart or H4 chart, instead of the weekly chart, for screen 1 if your trading timeframe is H4 or H1 correspondingly. The system is based on Alexander Elder’s theory that no single technical indicator can provide reliable signals or position plans.

This Study Guide, based on the bestselling trading book of all time, was created by its author to help you master the key points of his classic book. Dr. Alexander Elder is a renowned day trader who has written several books on day trading. Most of his books are now top-sellers that have generated millions of dollars in revenue. Alex studied Foreign Trade & International Economics at the Budapest Business School.

Beginners expect breakouts to carry on and they jump in, while the pros know that most breakouts fail, and trade against them. Dr. Elder will show the tools he uses to tell true from false breakouts and share his trading methods. DTTW™ is proud to be the lead sponsor of TraderTV.LIVE™, the fastest-growing day trading channel on YouTube. This is because the system has already been programed to do something and the trader is the only person with the ability to make decisions to alter the system. In the harsh world of trading there exists an island of intelligence, kindness and sharing – SpikeTrade.

About Dr. Elder

Dr. Alexander Elder always recorded the market circumstances when he entered and exited a trade. Since Dr. Elder believes that no single indicator can show reliable positions, the system combines oscillators with trend-following tools to refine their performance. This should be someone who has been in the business for a number of years.

In 1988, he founded, formally known as Financial Trading Seminars, dedicated to educating traders. He is also the founder of Traders’ Camp, a coaching bdswiss overview class for traders. He started studying the intricacies of stock and options trading. Then, he switched to futures trading, where he made his biggest gains.

Therefore, you should ensure that you master the art of trading. You should also have excellent risk management strategies to help you mitigate risks in your trading. You will be successful if you learn how to incorporate this plan in your daily trading. Most traders believe that trading is like gambling (it isn’t!) where they can make money by making simple bets.

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