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Your returns can vary significantly depending on your entry and exit date. As trailing returns give you get point-to-point returns, you wouldn’t know how the fund has performed for a different 10-year period. To overcome this challenge, you need to find out the possibilities of earning good returns for staying invested for a specific period. Trailing return helps you measure the average annual return between two dates. Using it gives a clearer picture when comparing various mutual funds that have traded over different periods of time. However, this is applicable only if you re-invest your gains every year.

  • Hence, this states that an investment worth Rs. 1,00,000, after growing at a steady rate of 12.35% every year for 5 years, will finally be worth Rs. 1,79,000.
  • Mr. A invests that Rs 50,000 in the consumer durables sector on the news of vaccine efficacy.
  • Mutual funds return on an investment is reported on an annualized basis.
  • Please remember to put a negative sign as the XIRR formula calculates the return on cash flows.

You can use CAGR to compare the return on investment against a benchmark. The CAGR calculator is a utility tool to calculate the compound annual growth rate of your investment over some time. You will have to enter the value of the initial investment, the expected final value of the investment and the number of years to calculate the CAGR. So we can say that in a way, absolute vs annualized returns both make sense in their own different ways.

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While the top 10 equity holdings constitute around 59.16% of the assets, the top 3 sectors constitute around 64.49% of the assets. The asset allocation of the fund comprises around 99.89% in equities, 0.0% in debts and 0.11% in cash & cash equivalents. Get the best filtered funds based on our pre-defined screeners. Start systematically with a smaller amount and earn high over a period of time. Assume you had a monthly SIP of INR 2,000 and five years later, you received the maturity value of INR 1.8 lakh.


In addition, one may also consider evaluating the ‘annualized return average returns’ as well. Even if a scheme has outperformed its benchmark by a decent margin, there could be better performers in the peer group. The category average returns will reveal how good is one’s investment is against its peers which help in deciding whether it is time shift the investment to better performers. One must compare the scheme’s return as against its benchmark return. It is better to be rid of investment in a scheme that consistently under-performs as compared to its benchmark over a period of time, from one’s portfolio. It is important to identify under-performers over the longer time horizon (as also out-performers).

Investments are done for the sole reason of creating and growing wealth. The purpose of wealth accumulation could be different though. It is advisable to set-up a different investment for each financial goal.

How is Absolute Return Calculated?

Particularly in case of mutual funds, the below-listed factors highly affect the performance of the fund. However, absolute returns do not give the accurate overview when you compare mutual funds. To overcome this limitation, it is recommended to calculate the annualized returns. The CAGR calculator helps you to calculate the returns from your mutual fund investments. You can compare the mutual fund’s average annual growth rate overtime against a benchmark.


Do bear in mind the calculation won’t reveal the potential price fluctuations and/or volatility of an investment. You should invest wisely by making the right financial decisions. Understanding the total annualized return on your investments is a key factor. The total annualized return indicates an investment’s average compounded returns over a 12-month period. As the graph shows, the problem with trailing returns is that it does not show the volatility of a fund.

What is Annualized Return?

Generation Z, or Gen Z, refers to people born between 1997 and 2012. The scheme’s and benchmarks’ rolling returns are plotted on a chart and presented graphically. Enter the start date from which you want to calculate the rolling returns of the scheme. Read all scheme related documents carefully before investing. It uses scientific algorithms and quants to analyze over a billion data points to match the right mutual fund to your financial goals and risk appetite. The reports and suggestions from ARQ are free of human bias, as it is a technology-driven automated application.

Following this method, you can determine the annual return of any investment product year after year. Let us extend the above example and illustrate how the annual returns can give you a fair idea about a mutual fund scheme’s performance. Stocks, gold, mutual funds, or any other investment, all of us invest to earn good returns. Thus, the first thing that we typically search for in any investment product is how much return it has given in the past. However, there are different ways of looking at return on investment. For instance, you must have come across different terms like Trailing Returns, Rolling Returns, Annual Returns.

However, had we checked the annual returns of these 3 funds, we couldn’t have arrived at this conclusion about returns very easily. So the standard deviation of a fund measures this risk by measuring the degree to which the fund fluctuates in relation to its mean return i.e. the average return of a fund over a period. This brings us to the question, how exactly can you measure a fund manager’s contribution to performance?

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The return generated from an investment over a period of time is known as the absolute return but afterward, to compare the annual returns, absolute returns are converted into annualized returns. Equity mutual funds give returns based on the market conditions. Like debt funds, they do not provide a fixed return over a period of time, but the return is dependent on the performance of the company on a daily basis. Hence the market value of equity mutual funds changes on a daily basis. The direct returns on initial investment are computed using absolute returns, commonly referred to as point-to-point returns. As previously mentioned, absolute returns are used by finance professionals to get a sense of MoIC.

In fact, these two terms are used interchangeably across investors. There is a very minor difference between them i.e the way in which they are calculated. CAGR shows the annual growth rate of investment during the whole investment tenure by using the beginning & end value of investments. The annualized returns show the annual growth rate for the specified tenure using the annual returns of the several periods. You may use a mutual fund return calculator to carry out the same calculations. It allows you to compare the available options more efficiently.

In the same way, the calculator will calculate the rolling returns for the scheme benchmark and the additional benchmark. The rolling returns of the scheme can then be compared with those of the benchmarks. It is a hypothetical number, which smoothes out the returns on an investment, over a specific period. No, the ClearTax CAGR Calculator does not show you the IRR on the investment. Both the CAGR and the IRR show you the return on investment. However, CAGR has only an initial investment and a final investment or cash flow.

An annual review comparing the fund with the benchmark as well as with the category peers will certainly help and advisable. One of the essential characteristics of a mutual fund scheme’s success is consistency. The rolling return calculator displays rolling returns, which is a genuine indicator of performance consistency. All mutual fund performance for periods exceeding one year are expressed in CAGR.

cleartax cagr calculator

The will show you the compound annual growth rate. To know at what rate the investment needs to grow to reach a final value, investors can use the Annualised Returns Calculator. This final value will later be used to achieve the investors’ financial goals.

What is 3 year annualized return?

So when you see a 5% under the 3-month column, it means the fund has given 5% in 3 months' time. 12% annualized return in 3 years means 12% return earned every year for the past three years and not 12% total return in 3 years.

Standard deviation is the deviation of the fund’s return around mean. Premium allocation charge of 20% for first year, 5% for each remaining years assumed. Mf Online Inc makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, on products offered through the platform. It accepts no liability for any damages or losses, however caused, in connection with the use of, or on the reliance of its product or related services.

What does annualized return mean?

An annualized total return is the geometric average amount of money earned by an investment each year over a given time period. The annualized return formula shows what an investor would earn over a period of time if the annual return was compounded.

When you enter the three variables, the CAGR calculator will give you the rate of return on the investment. 3Y rolling returns would involve going back 3 years and then calculating the past 3 year returns every day since then and then averaging those numbers. For startup founders, Return on Investment can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, product development efforts, and other investments. By tracking Return on Investment over time, founders can identify which strategies are working well and which ones need to be revised or abandoned. Here are the benefits of using an annualized Return on Investment to calculate the performance of an investment over the basic formula.

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You can see that your investment multiplied nearly 7 times due to the compounding effect. CAGR is ideal to calculate the returns on a lumpsum investment. The annualized return shows the compounded annual rate of return during the period of investment. Like, if an investor invested for 5 years, so to check what an investor would have earned provided the returns compounded annually, he/she can calculate the annualized return.

How do you calculate annualized return?

Example of calculating annualized return

To calculate the total return rate (which is needed to calculate the annualized return), the investor will perform the following formula: (ending value – beginning value) / beginning value, or (5000 – 2000) / 2000 = 1.5.

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