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An incredibly valuable piece of software called Free Download Pdf Freeze Pro 1. 2 for Windows Pc aims to prevent some from copying, editing, or omitting Pdf documents. It gives you total control over your Pdf records so you can protect them from changes.

Additionally, you you get Coolutils Pdf Splitter for Free.

Rewards of Pdf Freeze Pro Description

Do you want to prevent copies, extracts, or editing of the information of your Pdf record? Help you with Pdf Freeze! Prevalent Pdfs, like text and images, can be converted to photograph Pdf using this free software. Yes, there is absolutely no words in the productivity Pdf report, and every page has been turned into an image. Any Pdf reader can read the converted graphic Pdf as it was before, but there is no language to copy, edit, or extract.

Why is Pdf Freeze necessary? One must send their functions to several organizations and people in this era of magazines and technologies. Installing this software gives one control over Pdf documents actually after they are sent to others in order to maintain the integrity of the files.

Review of the Features of Pdf Freeze Pro

  • alters the quality of the image from high to low.
  • Supports 256-bit Decryption Encoding, 40 – tad Rc4, and 128 / touch R4, respectively.
  • prevents the file’s recipient from printing it.
  • prohibits explicitly duplicating words or compounds.
  • restricts modifying to record locations.
  • frequent Document to picture File conversion.

Structure needs and specialized particulars

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 is supported.
  • Cpu Iii or higher processor
  • 1 Gb of ram
  • 200 Kb or more of gratis hard disk space

Solution Details

Brand of the file: Pdf Freeze Pro 1. 2

Developed by Pdfarea Program

Variant 1. 2

Variety of license: full_ version

Time of launch

Cultures- England

Total Downloads311

PDF Protector

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