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Tinytake 5 is a gratis screen catch and movie recording program that can be downloaded for Windows Pcs. With Tinytake, you can quickly increase remarks, share screenshots of your computer display, and take pictures and videos of it.

Screenhunter Pro is the best alternate programme, and it is also available for free download.

Overview of Tinytake 5

Tinytake is a free videos and screen capture app created by Mangoapps. It has been verified to become spyware-free. It requires a minimum of 4gb of Memory and works with laptops running Windows 7 and higher.

On Windows and mac, Tinytake is a program for taking and documenting photos and videos. Users can share their files, put annotations, and catch whole windows or specific areas of their camera using the software.

Users can use this Screen Capturing plan to seize a still image of all or part of their camera or from their cam and put annotations to the image, such as text boxes, picture captions, highlights, and arrows. Users can also comment and communicate images from the storage of their device using drag-and-drop upload.

Clients can save captured images to their devices, and Tinytake also provides one-click email file sharing, copying files to a clipboard, or producing. This tool you automatically compress big files before they are shared in order to share documents in volume.

characteristics of Tinytake 5

  • Obtain A Snapshot Or A Videos
  • Pictures and video should be annotated.
  • View the entire past and promote electronically.
  • Make a film of your display for up to 120 hours.
  • Make a film with your webcam.
  • get an area, a screen, or the complete camera
  • Use your webcam to record an picture.
  • Immediately post Youtube video describes
  • Any data from your nearby travel can be quickly shared as links.
  • Keep video and photos in the fog.
  • Share a snapshot and picture connection that has been saved.
  • Annotate any photos or videos you’ve taken from your regional pull.
  • Assign unique short-cut keys
  • Proxy server-friendly

Technical Information and System Requirements

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 is supported.
  • Celeron Quadruplet or higher processor
  • 4 Gb of ram
  • 50 Mebibyte or more of free hard drive space

Merchandise Details

Tinytakesetup_ v_ 5 _ 2 _ 11 is the file name. file

Developed by – Tinytake

Variant – 5. 2. 11.

Software of the passport variety

Deadline of launch

English is one of the languages.

Total Downloads771

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